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Rivne, Simona Petliura 11
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For Your Children

We provide you with a full range of professional pediatric dentistry services:

Everything is important in pediatric stomatology, especially qualification of the dentist. That is the reason why we select experts who can not only quickly and qualitatively treat teeth but also find a common language with a child.
Soft and comfortable treatment and pleasant atmosphere are provided in clinic Dent Art Studio. Friendly and professional staff will make a visit to a dentist as bright event without fear, pain and tears. Positive emotions of a child are guaranteed with the lack of fear before teeth treatment in the future.

For Your Children

  • lessons of hygiene of oral cavity for young patients
  • prevention of caries of milk teeth;
  • treatment of pulpitis of milk teeth;
  • removal of milk teeth;
  • treatment of caries of milk and permanent teeth;
  • bite correction;
  • professional hygiene;
  • treatment during sleep time;

Why you need to treat milk teeth?

“Why milk teeth should be cured? They will fall out anyway”. In fact, milk teeth also need treatment just like molars or permanent teeth. Here are few reasons:

  1. Milk teeth are involved in process of jaw formation and stimulation of bone growth. If you remove one of the deciduous teeth too early, other will also shift from the previous place. Due to this, there is less of free space on the jaw than it is necessary for normal development. Permanent teeth change their location; as a result, malocclusion is formed.
  2. Inflammation processes hurts not only the gums, but also the embryo of permanent tooth.
  3. Problems with deciduous teeth lead to caries, which can be complicated with other diseases. For instance, through pulpitis in the basal area periapical changes (pathological granulation tissue, cysts) may appear.
  4. Milk teeth is an important part of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to the teeth illness, it is difficult to chew hard food and sometimes child with ill diseased teeth can swallow food in pieces. This can cause diseases of a baby`s stomach.
  5. Formation of the language is also impossible without the participation of milk teeth and proper occlusion. Skills of communication remain with the child for life. They poorly adjusted, that is why it will be better to lay a solid and long-lasting foundation in advance. For example, the so-called bottle caries is widespread among babies. To get rid of the complications of this process parentsresort to extreme measures, namely the removal of upper anterior incisors and canines. This removal causes the lisp formation of a child.
  6. Poor condition of teeth negatively influences the self-esteem and forms lack of high self-esteem of a small child (5-8 years). With majority of them baby will deal only in adulthood, turning to a specialist. Beautiful smile, beautiful white teeth and fresh breath will allow the child to feel confident among peers.

That is why it is so important to look after the health of oral cavity and to consult a pediatric dentist in time. In case your child has some problems or you need a preliminary consultation, contact us. We will answer any questions and will help with solution of your problems to make treatment process to be as comfortable as possible for your child.

We, adults, have to realize our responsibility to children, who will grow up and ask why they have uneven teeth, why they have so many fillings, why we have not taught or why we have not pushed them to clean their teeth. Maybe, it is not too late to think and realize that the decision to visit or not the dentist in your family, depends on you, not on your children.


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