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For Your Parents

What are dental implants?

It is 21-century outdoors, it has been a long time since people have switched from horses to cars, from landlines phones to smartphones, from letters to email but for some reason removable dentures are still relevant.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it is still difficult for children and grandchildren to understand how much our relatives suffer from removable dentures.  They patiently suffer, either from unwillingness to bother us, or by ignorance that there is a modern alternative – implants.

For Your Parents

Dental implants – are metal pins that are implanted in the bone of the upper or lower jaw. Once the implants are installed, the dentist can attach dentures to them.

Why do you need dental implants?

Since implants are implanted in the jawbone, they become a newfundament for artificial teeth.  Dentures and dental bridges attached to implants, needed not to slip or move in your mouth, which is especially important when you are eating or speaking.  Thanks to this attachment, dentures, bridges, as well as individual crowns attached to implants, are closer in feel to natural teeth than conventional dental bridges or dentures.


In process of implantation, biologically compatible materials are implanted in the jaw cavity. This means that the process of implant integration is successful.

Advantages of implants in comparison with traditional prosthetics:

  • Reduction or complete exclusion of injury of own healthy teeth. They do not need to be turned under crowns.
  • Possibility to restore several teeth, including end, masticatory teeth from 6 to 8, on which rests the entire dentition, using fixed dentures.
  • Possibility of making non-removable dentures even in cases when the teeth are completely absent, as well as easier fastening and fixation of removable dentures.
  • Efficiency of implantation with the use of modern technologies reaches 97% and more.

The question of age is the last question that should bother you. Our oldest patient is 93 years old and has been enjoying her favorite dishes for 5 years without being scared that her teeth will be in the plate.

It happens that a young person may need implants due to premature loss of a tooth or teeth. This should not be avoided, because the implanted teeth look like his/her own and no one will notice the difference. Most importantly, with proper care, dental implants last more than 20 years!

Taking care after implants is the same as for real teeth Careful oral hygiene is required to prevent infection and inflammation. Professional cleaning is recommended once every 6 month.

The main thing is not to delay implantation and your health and smile will be secure.

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