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For Your Smile

Britain scientists have proven that people who evaluate the appearance of another person firstly pay attention to the teeth, then the hair, and only then the face.

In today’s world, first impression plays a great role.  Remember, maybe once you got into a company where there was a person who “mows” a little on one eye?!  You immediately noticed her, because she is different from all the other people around.  At the same time, as soon as you identified this person’s problem, you stopped paying attention to it.

For Your Smile

At the same time, as soon as you identified this person’s problem, you stopped paying attention to it.

With teeth and facial disproportion, all on the contrary, strangers cannot identify the problem and are constantly looking for an answer to the question, but what’s wrong with this person?!

Looking at other people’s shortcomings, we begin to pay attention to our own.  “Are my teeth straight enough?”  “Are they white enough?”  If the answer to these questions does not suit you, the solution will be veneers, braces or whitening.

Sometimes we recommend such services, because the implementation of braces or veneers is not only a whim, but also a necessity.

The reason for this is dysfunction, as if the ratio of the teeth of the upper and lower jaw is such that during chewing or uncontrolled compression of the teeth at night, the entire dental-maxillary system being destroyed.

Often people are frightened by the term of treatment with braces – because it lasts for two years and sometimes more.

Of course, two years is a lot, but what is two years when it comes to a lifetime with the right bite and good teeth?!

Veneers can be a solution not only to aesthetic problems, but also orthopedic and, if you follow all the recommendations of your doctor, they will last you more than a decade.

When it comes to teeth whitening, it completely depends on your preferences and desires.  If you want to dazzle everyone with your Hollywood smile, we will help you!

Modern professional teeth whitening methods do not deform tooth enamel, have no side effects and guarantee excellent results!

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