Rivne, Simona Petliura 11
(0362) 43-04-46
Rivne, Simona Petliura 11
(0362) 43-04-46

For You

Besides, it has low level of irradiation and is safe even for children.

The concept of “client” does not exist for us in dentistry Dent Art Studio, we only have patients. Therefore, as soon as you cross the threshold of our clinic we will act in your own interests.
Unfortunately, some clinics still profit from human problems. Impose completely inexpedient services, or vice versa, cure only superficial issue, but the reason stays the same and you have to sit in the dental chair repeatedly.
Right diagnosis before treatment allows finding suitable decision exactly for you and increases longevity of the result. That is why the doctor will examine the oral cavity and, if necessary, making a more accurate diagnosis will offer you to make a detailed computer tomography that allows you to examine in three dimensions the structure the tooth of the maxillary system.

It is important to be informed about your health and the reasons that led to the condition, what can be done and how much it will cost. That is why doctor discusses everything with you and answers all of your questions.

If everything suits you, a treatment plan can be started.

If anything hurts and you need our help right now just call this phone number +380949660446 and we will do everything possible to help you as soon as possible.
We will remind you that to keep your teeth healthy and to have radiant smile it is recommended to visit the dentist regularly every 6 month and do professional oral hygiene.
For the first time in Rivne, the first and the most effective device for professional hygiene. Only in Dent Art Studio, apparatus first in its category, that effectively removes plaque and tartar without damaging tooth surface and gums thanks to the advanced Swiss technology AirFlow and PerioFlow. Smart module “No Pain” provides painlessness of the procedures regulating the power of work, depending on the surface it processes. All this developments promote your comfort and safety.

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