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For Those Who Are Afraid Of Dentists

What is sedation in dentistry?

Many people feel frightened before dentist procedures.

The fear of dental treatment is called dentophobia. It is not as innocent as it seems at first sight. Shivering, panic, restless behavior, rapid heartbeat can complicate the treatment process.  In such cases, Dent Art Studio uses dental treatment under medical sleep.

For Those Who Are Afraid Of Dentists

Sedation is a drug-induced state of drowsiness in which person retains the ability to respond to the words and commands of a doctor.  Sedation does not eliminate the need for local anesthesia, because during sedation, the ability to feel pain being preserved, and pain is stress for the body.

Being in the drowse, the patient does not feel stress and discomfort from dental procedures, does not feel the vibration and hum of the drill, does not feel pain, after the end of the procedure patient feels easy, as if after a good night’s sleep and does not remember the treatment process, as if there was no.

How sedation performed?

An intravenous catheteris being inserted into which drugs will be injected to maintain medicated sleep.  Modern devices show the slightest changes in the body, such as changes in heart rate or blood pressurein a constant mode.  In addition to the dentist, an anesthesiologist will work with you and monitor your condition during sedation.

How to prepare for sedation?

Medical sleep in dentistry does not require complex preparation, just refrain from food, coffee, strong tea for 4 hours before the procedure, and not drinking alcohol for a day.

After treatment under sedation, the patient regains consciousness for half an hour and does not feel any consequences. Slight drowsiness, weakness and dizziness may persist during the day, so it is not recommended to drive yourself.

Is it possible to apply medicated sleep to children?

It is possible and necessary to treat children under sedation.  Often children are frightened by medical procedures, behave restlessly, feel serious stress due to the need to sit still, and because of inconveniences associated with dental treatment.  Restless behavior complicates the work of the doctor, which, in turn, affects the outcome and increases the risk of accidental injury and pain.  If we recommend a state of half-sleep for adults, then the treatment of children should be carried out in a state of complete sleep.  In a medicated sleep, they are calm, do not feel fear, can withstand even a long stay in a dental chair, and in one go, a pediatric dentist can treat several teeth at once.

Medicated sleep is safe and it has no side effects. With medicated sleep, natural respiration is preserved, the patient is not intubated and not connected to a ventilator, sedation does not require a long time to regain consciousness, in factit is very similar to natural sleep of a human. Treatment is under the constant supervision of an anesthesiologist and is accompanied by monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen content in the blood.

After stopping the supply of sedative drugs into the bloodstream, child wakes up within 30-40 minutes.  He/she does not remember any medical procedures other than talking to an anesthesiologist.  Drowsiness and faintness may persist for another hour-hour and a half, but this condition does not require bed rest or medication.

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