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For Everyone

What is sedation in dentistry?

Dental treatment is expensive all over the world, and specialists’ treatment is much more expensive.

The cost of treatment depends on many factors such as employing professional doctors, using expensive equipment and modern technologies, providing high safety standards.

For Everyone

It should be noted that insurance in the field of dentistry does not work even in high-developed countries.

It was found the simplest way not to pay for dental treatment! This way means being healthy by realizing a simple thing – clean teeth – healthy teeth!


In general, there are some common reasons why people lose their teeth.

Caries. Every Ukrainian knows about it, because one way or another he/she has faced this problem. Unlike Americans, who are well-informed that if they clean teeth twice a day and visit a dentist once in six month for professional dental cleaning, so they will save up several thousand dollars.

Periodontitis is usually an inflammation of the gums, causing by infection that is in the plaque. Part of the plaque (60%) can be cleaned by toothbrushes. The problem is created by 40% of the plaque which is left on hard achieved areas.

Periodontitis is dangerous because it begins unnoticed for humans, and swollen gums hide the half-naked tooth root. It is followed by tooth loss, bone building, implants.

At the same time, it is confirmed that caries and periodontitis preventions do not require much time and money. It is important to clean the teeth carefully twice a day and use just one professional procedure – professional dental cleaning  performed by by dentist-hygienist once half a year. Professional hygiene lasts around one hour and costs twice less than dental treatment of teeth.

Malocclusion, or in another words is the misalignment or incorrect relation between the teeth of the two dental arches when they approach each other as the jaws close.

In most cases, modern people have teeth, which do not fit in the jaws because the jaws have become smaller!

Because of the lack of space for eighth teeth growing in the jaws, the upper ones grow into the cheeks, and the lower ones turn aside. That is why inappropriate contact between upper and lower teeth is created. It unbalances dental system in the jaws and the teeth press on the neighbor teeth forcing to change their location. The problems begin and they are usually followed by exacerbation of the disease.

Experienced dentists recommend removing eighth teeth, or wisdom teeth during early age. If he teeth removing performs later, so the becomes more difficult. Prescription for tooth extraction will be remained.

Bruxism is excessive clenching of the teeth at night (especially in young people), so that is the stress relief. In this case, the teeth are erased and the dental system is destroyed. If it has been an obvious (confirmed) night clenching and brushing of teeth, so the special cap (dental gumshield) is needed. The cap looks like one that boxers have, so it will take that functions.

Experienced dentists can diagnose the problem performing professional hygiene, so do not forget to be examined by a doctor every 6 months.

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